Category: Projects

Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto ON

Aardvark just completed drilling on the runways at Billy Bishop Airport. To avoid being hit by planes using the runways, we had to drill overnight.

Gogama, ON

Aardvark deployed a track mounted rig for emergency Geotechnical drilling and rock coring around the bridge at the disaster site in Gogama, Ontario. Based on the findings, engineers will design the temporary bridge needed to reopen the rail line.  

University of Guelph

Deep PQ diamond drilling at University of Guelph bedrock aquifer field facility (B.A.F.F). Installing many wells for their world class research well cluster. Various hole are drilled vertically and some are drilled at 30 degrees from vertical to capture the

Canadian Salt Company, Windsor

In Windsor, ON there is salt deep below the earth’s surface. Our friends at Windsor Salt have a network of deep wells installed way back in the ‘50’s. These wells are used to inject fresh water and extra brine water