Canadian Salt Company, Windsor

Aardvark Drilling - WindsorIn Windsor, ON there is salt deep below the earth’s surface. Our friends at Windsor Salt have a network of deep wells installed way back in the ‘50’s. These wells are used to inject fresh water and extra brine water under pressure. The salt is later removed from the brine at their facility nearby.  After that process we get to put the delicious product on our fries!

During the process of salt extraction large caverns form.  Sometimes the caverns ‘grow’ upwards and the ceiling of the cavern can even grow past the bottom of the well casing.  This then leaves the casing ‘hanging in the cavern unprotected.  Naturally large pieces of salt and rock break off the ceiling and can sometime bend or crush the vulnerable exposed portion of the well casing.

Aardvark was hired to jet cut the casing just above the damaged portion in two of their production wells.  This was successfully done via wireline at a depth of approximately 1500 feet in each well.  The wells are now back in production!

Aardvark Drilling - WindsorAardvark Drilling - Windsor