Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival

CME 75 - Aardvark - Groundwater Festival

At the end of May, Aardvark once again participated in the annual Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival. The Festival brings together the expertise of educators, groundwater specialists and members of industry and government to provide students in grade 2 through 5 with the opportunity to discover the importance and the diversity of its uses in historical and modern times.

From http://www.wwcgf.com/:

Water has played an essential role in the economic, social and industrial development of Ontario. As individuals, we depend on water for our very lives. Communities have developed around water sources to support the growth of commerce, industry and transportation. On a provincial level, our abundant water supply is a cornerstone of the success of our diversified economy, and has played a key role in our ability to create and maintain a standard of living ranked among the best in the world. The Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival offers hands-on activities, discussions, demonstrations, displays and exhibits that will challenge students to consider the importance of groundwater to them as individuals and to society at large.

Aardvark - Groundwater Festival Aardvark - Groundwater Festival Aardvark - Groundwater Festival

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